We work smarter for your garden.

By creating a tailored maintenance plan for your garden, we ensure that your plants get the best care possible.


What makes us 'smarter'

Excellent Communication

We keep a record of all maintenance done on each property, so you know exactly what has been done down to improve your garden.


We are a Safety Work Kits member which means you can rest assured knowing we will work safely while we are on your property.

Detail Orientated

We pay attention to the small details that leave your garden looking better down to closing the gates when we leave and rolling up the garden hoses.

Better Tools

We only use the sharpest, best quality tools on your garden. This means we are working efficiently with no downtime due to tools maintenance. Also, all of our tools are battery powered which means we are looking after the environment when we take care of your garden.

Better Plant Health

We utilise scheduled fertiliser programs and professional pest and disease control to ensure you have the healthiest plants possible.

Knowledge & Experience

We have a history of knowing how to build great gardens and have developed in the last five years a blend of our experience and the best current techniques for looking after your garden.

Lense of Priority

We have worked out a process of prioritising the most important aspects of your garden first, considering the biggest visual aspects, your preferences and the vital health of your plants. This means that we spend the majority of our time on the most important things in your garden – time well spent.

Quieter tools

We use the quietest garden tools, which are 50% quieter than traditional petrol powered tools so that we don’t disturb your peace.

On-going Training

We provide on-going training to ensure that our staff are always improving and offering you a better service.

Friendly & Respectful Staff

We promise to respect your privacy and your property.

Find out what makes us smarter

Our Process is Simple

  • 01.
    On Site Consultation

    We start by walking through the property with you to get an understanding of what is important to you.

  • 02.
    Our diagnosis

    Next, we provide an assessment of the health of your garden.

  • 03.
    The prescription

    We will then create a recommendation of requirements. We describe what your garden needs to look its best year-round, based on our in-depth horticultural knowledge and experience.

  • 04.

    Based on the requirements we will provide pricing to offer the care required for your needs year round.

    Ps. We include the costs of all fertilizers, sprays and waste removal required so that there are no un-expected costs along the way.

  • 05.
    On-going care

    If you decide to proceed with our service, we then create a tailored maintenance plan that is perfect for your property’s needs year round. This way you can rest assured in knowing what will be done each month of the year.

  • 06.
    Quality assurance

    And last but not least, we also carry out regular management audits for all of our large gardens to ensure that the work is done to the highest quality.

If you want to get in touch you can either give us a call on 021 165 2424 or send an email to ryan@mysmartgarden.co.nz. Otherwise fill out a contact form on the contact page.